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Hey you, so here's the thing...

We are a social educational organisation based out of Dehra Dun, a lovely valley in the foothills of the Himalayas (in India). What is even more lovely is that we take pride in developing unconventional, unique educational concepts (explore our other initiatives for more details).

We don't do ordinary. We just don't.

And this is where you come in...

In January 2016, we are organising a really cool and unique educational journey across India for 15 – 19 year olds. It's called the I Can. Global Young Leaders’ Summit (click to find out more).

Now, we want that in the years to come, we hold GYLS journeys with various different itineraries across India and many different countries. We believe that each and every village, town, city and country - big or small, old or new, conventionally “touristy” or not - has something to teach the world. And we want to showcase these learnings to a global audience.

We need your local knowledge, insights and support

It’s simple: to take GYLS to your village or town or city or country, we need your local knowledge, insights and support. Basically, we need you. But to effectively consult us, you need to know who we are, what values we stand for, what the underlying principles of GYLS are and how GYLS should wholesomely be. And to know this, you need to attend the I Can. Global Young Leaders' Summit 2016.

It's taking place from the 5th to the 13th of January, 2016, in India. And before you be like, “Can’t do that cray, it's too expensive!”, just hold on a second –

And no, we are not going to make you stay at shady places. A minimum standard of 4-star hotels will be maintained. Enhanced safety and security arrangements have been made. There are doctors on board, security personnel on board, the works really. To know more about the journey, please see the GYLS section of the website. That section details everything for the participants of GYLS. Although you won’t be a “student participant” of GYLS, you will travel with the I Can. Team on this Summit on the exact same itinerary with the same experience.

You're cordially invited to begin your Indian adventure!

You will not be interacting with the student participants but rather with the I Can. Team (and, of course, with each other!). The objective of taking you with us is to make you comprehensively understand what we stand for and what the essence of this journey is about. Each day, there will be short sessions where you can ask questions to our Founder directly and get answers that would help you understand I Can. and GYLS better.

You will be observing the student participants who come down at the same time for the I Can. Global Young Leaders' Summit 2016

So, what's the difference between the I Can. Global Young Leaders' Summit (GYLS) and I Can. Go SxSE Programme?

There are essentially three differences:

1) While GYLS is aimed at 15-19 year old student delegates, SxSE is aimed at young people aged 19-25 from any walk of life.
2) The Global Young Leaders' Summit's student delegates will undertake an educational journey across India. SxSE Delegates will be observers on this journey, after which they will undertake an internship, become part of a global network for life, and possibly have the chance of becoming international social entrepreneurs.
3) GYLS is a programme that participants pay for. SxSE is a completely sponsored programme.

Programme Highlights

In addition to the all-expenses-paid trip to and across India, SxSE Delegates will be given the following opportunities:

Q. I don't have crazy qualifications. Do I even stand a chance? Am I eligible?

A. Anyone and everyone aged 19 to 25 is eligible and stands a good chance...

Being crazily qualified or not does not affect your application. As you go through the application process, you will realize that it is very simple and very brief (it probably won't take you more than ten minutes to complete) and aims at understanding who you are as a person. you do not need to rack your brain while filling in the application. We just want to get to know you as a friend.

Please note that this is not the entrance process to get into a fancy university. We are not necessarily looking for Einstein here. We believe that every individual has something to offer. You may be someone the world may conventionally perceive as “mediocre”, but we may feel that you are the one. And there is a high chance of that. At the same time, if you are Einstein, or you are someone that the world perceives as a “high-achiever”, you also have an equal chance of being selected. Nerd, jock, hippie, clever, slacker, or whatever else you consider yourself, you have an equal chance.

PS: Even if you cannot speak or understand English, it is not a problem at all.

We're looking for scholars!, jocks!, wall-flowers!, whoever you are!, cheer-leaders!, nerds!, geeks!, You!, You! Yes You., drama queens!, college legends!, party animals!, whoever you consider yourself to be!, punks!, goths!, travellers!, risk-takers!, You!, You! Yes You., dreamers!, doers!, wanderers!, You!, You! YES YOU.

Whenever you're done absorbing all this awesomeness and start to look for more:

Go Ahead and Apply! Your seat is waiting.

Estimated time taken to apply: 10 minutes

Have a question?

We've got answers:

  • Eligibility, Application and the Programme +

    • +Is there a fee to apply? If yes, why and how much?

      Yes. We value your time and understand that even a minute spent on this application is precious time spent on it. Therefore, we on our part want to honour your input and do justice to your application by spending quality time and manpower on it. As you will understand that quality manpower spending time on your application costs money, we will charge a one-time application processing fee of US $7 or equivalent. There will be no further charge after this application processing fee.

    • +What is the age group of people that can apply to Go SxSE?

      Anyone and everyone aged 19 to 25 is eligible to apply.

    • +Why 19 to 25 years?

      Although we can’t make a blanket statement about this, we believe that 19 to 25 year olds are both old enough to provide us the kind of insight that we are looking for, as well as young enough to relate to the experiences that we want to create for our young audiences over these educational journeys.

    • +What if I am below 19 and above 25?

      The applicable age group is indicative and not absolute. If you are just slightly younger than 19 years or just slightly older than 25 years, feel free to apply. People between the ages of 25 and 29 will be considered on an exceptional, case-by-case basis. For these people, among other things, we will be especially looking at compatibility while travelling with 19 to 25 year olds.

    • +What if I am way younger than 19 or way older than 25?

      If you are in the age group of 15 and 19 years, you can still experience the journey by applying to the I Can. Global Young Leaders’ Summit (GLYS).

      If you are way older than 25 then, depending on your age, you may want to share information about this opportunity with your younger siblings, cousins, friends, children, grandchildren, and others.

    • +Can I apply to both the I Can. Global Young Leaders’ Summit (GYLS) and the I Can. Go SxSE programme?

      Yes! If you are 19 years old, you are eligible for both programmes and are allowed to apply to both. Please note that both programmes have very different outcomes and goals, so make sure you read up on both before you fill in the application forms. Applying for both programmes will not harm or enhance your prospects of being selected.

    • +Can I apply/attend if I can’t speak or understand English?

      Absolutely, yes! If we select you, we will ensure that we have translators on board the journey and that you are not inconvenienced at all because of language barriers.

    • +When is the application deadline?

      The final deadline for the programme is the 15th of November, 2015. However, the entire window of time when the application is open has been divided into blocks to ensure efficiency in application processing. We suggest that you apply as early as possible to receive a reply from our admissions team about your attendance for the programme. The deadline for various phases are as follows:

      Phase 1: 15th August

      Phase 2: 15th September

      Phase 3: 15th October

      Phase 4: 15th November

      Please note:
      1. These blocks do not signify successive stages in the application process but are only individual windows of time within which you can apply. The entire online application form should take you about 10 minutes to complete and can be filled in any one of the above-mentioned blocks. There are no further stages to the application.
      2. You can apply only once. For example, if you apply in Block 1, you cannot apply again in any other Block.
      3. We recommend that you apply as early as possible.

    • +Can I apply if I have special needs?

      We value diversity in all its forms and encourage everyone to apply! If and when you get selected, you can inform us of any special needs you have and we will make the necessary arrangements to make you comfortable. And rest assured that this does not affect the chances of your selection.

    • +Can you tell me a little more about the 8 to 10 hours a month that I would have to give to you for three months after the journey? Am I supposed to make reports or something like that?

      You don’t have to make any reports. It’s pretty chill and flexible. Firstly, it is not a rigid 8 to 10 hours per month. And it is not a rigid three months either. If you cannot spare 8 to 10 hours, it’s okay. Essentially we want to spend this time talking to you. So typically, you would be talking to us over skype/facetime/google hangouts or any other means and orally giving us your local insights while we note down all that you say. The timings and durations of these conversations would be mutually decided each time and would be at a time suitable to both you and the SxSE Executive that you would be talking to.

      So if you exhaust all the input and advice that you want to give to us in a few hours, that will be it. We will not ask you to rigidly sit for 24 to 30 hours (over the 3 months) with us. We will compensate you with a total of US $300 for your time, regardless of whether you give us 24 to 30 hours or fewer.

    • +Over the journey, will I be in charge of the student delegates? Will I be serving as GYLS staff?

      No. You will not be responsible for GYLS delegates. You will be observing the Summit and will participate in a separate leadership agenda more suited to your needs.

    • +What happens after I am selected?

      Read your introductory package, pack your bags and get ready to Go SxSE! Further details will be provided once you get selected.

    • +If I am from outside India, do I need a passport to apply?

      You do not need a passport to apply, but you will need to get one if you are selected. Please note that we will only pay your visa fee and will unfortunately not be in a position to pay your passport application fee.

    • +If I am from outside of India, how do I apply for a visa?

      If you get selected, we will assist you in procuring the requisite visa. Rest assured, we will furnish you with necessary documents and guide you through the process. Further details will be shared once you get selected.

  • Travel & Accommodation +

    • +If I am from outside of India, may I extend my stay in India?

      Yes, you may extend your stay in India. However, you must inform us before we book your tickets and try to give us a proposed itinerary for the extended stay. We can help you organise your extended stay. In addition to the travel that we will organise for you throughout the Go SxSE programme, we will pay for your travel from your home city/country to New Delhi and from Hyderabad to your home city/country, regardless of the dates that you wish to travel on. So if you want to stay on for a few more days or come in a few days earlier for that matter, or both, we don’t have a problem.

    • +Can I change the dates of my airline tickets?

      We will be asking you for your preferred dates before booking your tickets. After we have booked the tickets, we will unfortunately not be in a position to change the dates. However, we can help you make changes at your own expense.

    • +What kind of transport will be taken while travelling through the country?

      For short distances, we will be using comfortable Volvo AC coaches. There will be an optional train journey (on one of the more comfortable Indian trains) if someone wants to experience the Indian railways (the largest railway network in the world and the largest transportation employer in the world!). There is one flight journey from New Delhi to Hyderabad. All arrangements will be made by us on your behalf.

    • +Will I be sharing a room?

      Yes. At each of the locations, a maximum of 2 delegates will be sharing a double/twin bedroom. We guarantee a minimum of 4-star accommodation with all facilities to make this a comfortable journey.

  • Safety & Security +

    • +What safety and security precautions have been taken?

      The security and well-being of each SxSE delegate is our utmost priority. The entire programme takes place in a safe and controlled environment.

      Some of our safety measures are:

      • Full-time security staff, operations personnel, and highly-qualified medical staff will accompany you throughout the journey.

      • The delegate-to-staff ratio is never more than 10-to-1 at any point during the entire programme.

      • We provide single-sex rooms.

      • There are safety briefings before any activity. These briefings include fire safety instructions, risk assessments, and are interactive in order to ensure that the delegates have actually listened to and understood them.

      • All members of staff are equipped with communication devices such as mobile phones, computers and, in certain locations, walkie-talkies.

      • Fresh food and clean water is provided.

      I Can. has a spotless track record and the safety and security precautions we have taken to ensure that no attendee’s trip to India is adversely affected are truly world-class. We have vetted and trustworthy full-time security personnel accompany all attendees throughout the journey.
    • +Do I have to get travel insurance?

      I Can. will arrange and pay for comprehensive travel insurance for each and every SxSE delegate. Details as to the particulars of the insurance will be provided to selected SxSE delegates closer to the date of travel.

  • Optional Cultural Extension +

    • +I read something about an optional cultural extension on the Global Young Leaders’ Summit (GYLS) section of the website. What is this about and may I also participate in the optional cultural extension?

      Immediately after the Global Young Leaders’ Summit 2016, there is an optional excursion for the student delegates that allows them to choose among three different sets of destinations. Details of these destinations can be found on the GYLS section of the website. Once we select the SxSE delegates, we will ask all of them if they would like to go on this optional cultural extension. If there are a reasonable number of SxSE delegates that want to go, we will arrange for them to undertake the optional cultural extension. Unfortunately, we will not be in a position to sponsor the optional cultural extension. The costs involved will be shared with you once you get selected to Go SxSE. If you choose to go on the extension, we will still pay for the return flight from India to your home country.

  • Miscellaneous +

    • +Will I receive a Certification for my attendance when the Summit ends?

      Yes! We will provide you with a certificate at the end of the trip and another certificate of internship at the conclusion of your work-from-home internship. Recommendation letters can be given on request.

    • +So you are saying that this is an all-expenses-paid trip. You’re kidding right?

      No, we’re not kidding! This is an all-expenses-paid trip! We will pay for, among other things, the following:

      • International return flight tickets (if you’re from outside India) or domestic return flight tickets

      • Visa Application Fees (only applicable if you’re from outside India)

      • Access to all learning sessions, talks & discussions

      • At least 4-star hotel accommodation throughout the programme

      • Three meals + morning and evening snacks everyday

      • All travel within the country (includes Volvo AC buses, trains and domestic flights)

      • Airport Transfers in India

      • Full-time Medical & Security Staff

      • Entrance fees to cultural & recreational facilities on the itinerary

      • Travel Insurance

      Please note that unfortunately we will not be in a position to pay for the following:

      • The Optional Cultural Extension

      • Personal expenses like souvenirs and other incidentals

    • +Why is the programme called I Can. Go SXSE?

      SxSE stands for South by South East, and is an allusion to India, which lies in either South Asia or South East Asia depending on whom you’re asking for directions!

      But SxSE is so much more than just a secondary-intercardinal direction, it represents a cultural phenomenon unlike any other: it is a crucible for intercultural interactions that will leave on you an indelible mark of global awareness, enabling you to meet and form friendships with people whom you wouldn’t normally meet and facilitating the formation of partnerships that can help you impact the world.

    • +What if I have special needs (dietary, religious, etc.)?

      We respect and appreciate diversity. Whether you need Kosher, Halal, Jhatka, Vegan or anything else, or if you have any special religious or other needs, let us know in advance and we will make arrangements for it!

    • +What should I bring to India?

      You’ll be sent a recommended packing list once you are selected.

    • +Do I need a health check/vaccination before joining the programme?

      You do not need a health check to apply, but you may need one if your application is successful. Further details will be shared with you once you get selected.

    • +Post the trip, if I decide to work for more than 10 hours per month, would I get an extra payment?

      If you are able to provide us your input in less time, you still get $100/month! And we promise it will not take you more than 8 to 10 hours per month to complete your internship tasks.

    • +My question is not listed.

      Hurrah! You have a question that we haven’t heard often. Please do write us an email or give us a call.

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